Launched in 2015 by the Magazine B editorial team, B:ALANCE is a brand journal with a fresh perspective on brands. For our 2nd issue, we reunited with Swiss brand Freitag who, in 2015, ventured into the clothing business and examined the definition of ‘good’ clothing in the context of today’s fast-paced fashion industry. In addition, we caught up with many of our previously featured brands and looked into the various changes they have undergone.

Brands grow and change with time. The brands that Magazine B has introduced have continued growing in their own ways. B:ALANCE observes the brands’ changes and share major values found in the process.

Over the period of the last two years, Snow Peak and Brompton launched new concept stores, New Balance built a new headquarter and Ace Hotel added more to its collection. With the advent of smart phones, branding on the digital platform has gained more attention but physical venues still hold power in delivering a brand’s message. In the meantime, various brands have laid the groundwork for growth through mergers and acquisitions, signaling that an increasing number of businesses will unify. Also, collaboration between brands is expected to boost a synergy effect for new creativity.

We met Freitag once again for the second issue’s main interview. Frietag was the very first issue of B so, after four and half years, it was much like a reunion. In 2015, the Swiss brand launched a new fabric business. Freitag is well-known for its upcycled bags made from truck tarpaulins and its appearance in the market has accelerated the trend of creating products out of reinterpreted waste. Freitag has stayed true to the brand’s message rather than seeking out ways to improve growth in sales. In our interview, Daniel Freitag, the co-founder, raised the question of what good clothes are: “Being just environmentallyfriendly is not enough. We always try to work beyond that. Freitag’s upcycling strategy was a solution to the previous ‘wrong’ use of materials. We like to talk about clothes rather than fashion.” Also, we listened to the stories of creators in different cities to find evidence of the good clothing movement across the globe. Through various interviews, we discovered that even though fast fashion has dominated the fashion industry, many have continued to attempt reinterpretation of clothes by raising questions on fundamental clothing.

Nowadays, life transforms at such a pace that it is difficult to keep up. I, however, believe life is still about turning back to the essence of things. Predicting future directions of a brand is not much different from observing and looking back our own lives.

Taehyuk Choi, Editor in Chief



A glimpse into the present and future of various brands through comments collected from social media as well as interviews with executives of New Balance and Ace Hotel.


A collection of photos that were taken from B’s photo shoots in various cities around the world.


In 2015, Freitag launched the apparel line “F-ABRIC”. Founder Daniel Freitag talks about the essence and value of clothes, and the idea of ‘cycles’.


What constitutes ‘good’ clothing, as told by 6 select shops based in L.A., Berlin, Tokyo, Paris, etc.


From a hand-painted ceramic cup from the Netherlands to a hand-crafted chocolate bar from Brooklyn, a finely curated collection of items that were discovered by B’s editors.


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