Magazine B offers its new perspective on life and balance through its new brand journal, B:ALANCE.
In publishing the first issue of B:ALANCE, the B editorial team reflected on its history of three years and revisited the brands that it has featured to see how they have evolved. Also, we reunited with the opinion leaders who have shared their philosophy of brands in various ways, to ask them about their idea of a good balance that a brand should have, based on their personal interest.

Since its launch in November 2011, magazine B has introduced over 30 brands in various categories with its independent perspective.

For our third anniversary, we took a moment to reflect on the magazine’s past and caught up with some of the brands we have featured. We also met with some of the opinion leaders we interviewed previously and asked them about their ideas on the making of a well-balanced brand.

To retain B’s focus on brands, we decided to launch this special issue under a new masthead—B:ALANCE, a brand journal.

Moving forward, the B editorial team will continue to explore what it means for brands to be well-balanced parts of our everyday lives, with the hope that those investigations will serve to illuminate the meaning of balance in life itself.

Taehyuk Choi, Editor in Chief

Brand Scenes

Mementos from magazine B’s visits to the brand sites and shops it has covered.

Looking Back

These are brief looks at the values pursued by each of the brands featured in B—brands whose values and philosophies have elevated them above simple popularity to win the genuine affection of their users.

Lifestyle Insights

Brand and lifestyle insights from opinion leaders from various fields.

B’s Cut

Photographs capturing B’s contemplative perspective on lifestyle and brands.

Interview 1

Reunion with Duane Sorenson (Founder of Stumptown Coffee)
Among the interviewees in B’s 29th issue was Duane Sorenson. At that time, we met him as a devoted user of Ace Hotel, and he spoke to us about the brand’s past and present. We met him again at one of his restaurants, Ava Gene’s.

Interview 2

Reunion with Tohru Yamai (President & CEO of Snow Peak)
Outdoor lifestyle brand Snow Peak was introduced in B’s third issue in January 2012. The brand has since grown tremendously, and it is now building momentum to move toward new goals. B revisited Snow Peak’s headquarters to see how the brand has changed over the last three years and how its plans for the future have evolved.

Looking Ahead

We caught up with nine opinion leaders and brand insiders who previously appeared in B to ask them about the “new brands” they want and need now.

Intro & Outro

B’s Intro and Outro texts metaphorically describe the beginnings and current position of a brand in relation to consumers. Those texts have been collected here.


Contributors of B reported the brands they consider the most well-balanced.


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