Beans are a prime source of plant-based protein that have always appeared on lists of “superfoods.” Also efficient to cultivate, these protein-rich crops have been farmed the longest throughout history and used in ways that contributed greatly to human food culture. In big bean-consuming countries like Korea and China, beans become tofu, pastes, and sauces for daily consumption, and they enjoy a high status as a food staple alongside rice. Beans, having paved the way to development of fermentation techniques, are now applauded by world-renowned chefs as being a key ingredient to enhance flavor. Amid growing concerns over the environment and food security around the globe, beans serve an increasingly important role as an alternative to animal-based protein.

Beginning in its birthplace in Northeast Asia, the bean is important for everyday dishes in the Middle East and parts of South America. Relatively easy to grow and highly nutritious, the ways this seed ingredient gets cooked up have grown exponentially from generation to generation. And with such tremendous potential, it’s surprising that the bean remains devoid of religious, ideological, or environmental associations. Owing to this freedom, many predict that the ingredient will greatly influence the future of human food culture, and in particular, researchers studying the future of food regard it as an indispensable food source and promising ingredient substitution.


Letter from F


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