Much like the fall of the Berlin Wall— the defining symbol of the thaw of the Cold War— Berlin is a city where borders are crossed and prejudices are torn down. Treading across and blurring perimeters of commerce and art, high culture and low culture, the traditional and the modern, the city heartily welcomes peoples and cultures of all kinds. Turkish street food alongside a fine dining restaurant run by a gangster-turned-Michelin star chef; an art gallery nestled in a WWII bunker and an airport transformed into a park— these are just a few examples of the spirit of diversity that prevail throughout the city of Berlin.

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This month, B looks into the city of Berlin as a brand. We suspect that many of our readers will be curious as to why a brand documentary magazine decided to feature a city and why that city happened to be Berlin. Well, from its very beginnings, B has aimed to help readers broaden their perspective on brands. As such, rather than pigeonholing what constitutes a ‘brand’ to just consumer products, we believe that physical spaces and people are just as deserving of the term. Our January/February issue on Berlin is a natural continuation of this belief.

Much like the thaw of the Cold War and the ensuing fall of the Berlin wall, Berlin is a city where borders are crossed and prejudices are knocked down. This is a city that treads across and blurs the perimeters of commerce and art, high culture and low culture, the traditional and the modern; a city that embraces people and cultures of all spectrums. Take, for instance, Turkish street food alongside a fine-dining restaurant run by a gang member-turned-Michelin star chef, an art gallery behind the walls of a WWII bunker, and an airport converted into a park. There is a palpable spirit of diversity that permeates Berlin, and its distinct ambience remains unparalleled in any of the world’s cities.

A city cannot be built solely on the wishes and whims of a select few. We do not deny that governments and mega-corporations play a significant role in the development of a city, but we also believe that it’s the hopes, dreams, and ideals of many individuals that ultimately make up the fabric of a community, and that such communities go on to form cities. For the Berlin issue, we tried to avoid any single overarching theme or viewpoint. Rather, we opted to assemble a multi-faceted patchwork of people, spaces, and objects that we deemed noteworthy, and through it, construct a single evocative image of Berlin. We believe that this body of elements will reveal the city of Berlin as B sees it.

Korea is no stranger to the sad history of division. For now, we can only hope to follow in the footsteps of this fast-progressing city.

PublisherTaehyuk Choi

AREA 1 - Mitte

At the center of Berlin’s tourist attractions, each street has its own distinct characteristics


Multinational creators are building up a distinctive Berlin culture in their own unique ways

AREA 2 - Prenzlauer Berg

An area where you can find places that are small and unique

AREA 3 - Kreuzberg

The diversity of Berlin’s cultural scene continues to evolve

AREA 4 - Neukölln

A carefree neighborhood that is driven by the spirit of artists

AREA 5 - Tiergarten

A contemporary commercial district has formed around parks and zoos


Items that inhabit the essence of Berlin

Brand Scene

Stores for international brands that reflect the unique local culture and aesthetic


User’s guide for Berlin's public transit system

AREA 6 - Charlottenburg

A cultured borough that encapsulates the olden glory of Western Europe

AREA 7 - Elsewhere

Other areas that reveal the hidden facets of Berlin


Places where a traveler can enjoy both familiarity and convenience


Books that introduce Berlin from different perspectives


Suyong Joh

Editor In Chief
Taehyuk Choi

Senior Editor
Eunsung Park

Jaewoo Seo, Yeongmin Kim

Intern Editor
Jisoo Kim

Guest Editors(Berlin - Seoul)
Sanghyeok Lee, Jihyun Moon, Eunah Kim, Chanyong Park, Donghyun Seo, Boram Yang, Hyunsun Yoo, Eunkyung Lee

Hyunkyung Yoo, Narae Kim, Rancy Kim, Seongae Yang, Soonok Hwang, Bong-Ah Shin

Copy Editing
Eugene Larsen-Hallok

Sarah Kessler Jang

Brooke Chroman-The Travel Almanac, Johannes Schön-Bocci 79

Photographers(Berlin - Seoul)
Sangjune Hwang, Jessica Wolfelsperger, Dahahm Choi, Irene Moray

Project Designer
Yuwon Choi

Ayoon Jung

Miwon Yoon

Sukwang Baak

Tony Song

Mihye Nam (Tokyo), Nari Park (London), Jungho Lee (New York), Jeewon Lim (Milan), Hyeseon Jeong (Paris)

JOH & Company

Printed in the Republic of Korea

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