Started as a small radio manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia, Breville expanded into the kitchen appliance industry with the launch of their hugely successful sandwich toaster in 1974. Through continuous refinement of the design and functionality of their products, Breville raised home kitchen appliances to nearly restaurant-level quality. Now, the brand is introducing a new paradigm to the industry by inviting world-famous baristas and chefs to join in the creation of espresso machines and juicers.

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I think it was 10 years ago. I went to a big restaurant owned by an acquaintance, and he gave me a chance to look at the inside of the kitchen. It was impressively complicated but well-organized at the same time. The stainless steel kitchen furniture and appliances were everywhere, cooking utensils hung in orderly rows on the walls, and dishes were piled on racks for convenient use. The orderly arrangement of this scene was unexpectedly beautiful. Open kitchens were originally intended to make more efficient use of space and improve hygiene, but they have come to occupy the center of restaurant interiors because of the dynamism and unvarnished authenticity they contributed. When I built my house, I was inspired by the image of the professional kitchen I had seen and tried to apply it to my home kitchen, placing in it a big cooking countertop finished in stainless steel.

When you look at the products used in professional kitchens and cafes, you can see the beauty that results from designs that spring entirely from functionality. When we imagine restaurant kitchens, we visualize rust-free, easy-to-clean stainless steel and tools emphasizing their function and use. There is also something attractive about people who can handle all that equipment skillfully.

In this issue, we introduce you to Breville, an Australian kitchen appliance brand. While looking around for a new espresso machine to use at home, I came across a coffee grinder and an espresso machine from Breville that were just perfect. I liked their excellent performance, neat and flawless designs, sophisticated controls for expert users, and graphically appealing displays. Later, I had a chance to use other products from Breville and realized that, unlike other kitchen appliance brands, Breville positions its products on the border of expert and amateur users. Breville is a brand known for the technologies it has accumulated through its long history and for its passion for design. This issue of B provided a good opportunity to confirm the brand’s reputation.

Now, the kitchen is a space where the joy of life is created. As its role evolves over time, the border between home and professional kitchens will become increasingly blurry. Using products made for professionals does not make the user an expert, but it will definitely make the experience more authentic and make the results more rewarding. I recommend that you go to a shop dealing in cookware or kitchen appliances for commercial use. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t a Breville shop. You will realize that just using a few square cheap stainless-steel plates to prepare food instead of the common white dishes found in homes can completely change the feeling you get while cooking.

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Perspectives on Breville collected from the web and social media

Into the Market

In stores, Breville is distinguished by the brand’s new approach to lifestyle


Wunjae Lee, CEO of HLI Korea



The juicer market continues to evolve alongside consumer tastes



The outstanding performance of Breville products rivals that of commercial kitchen appliances

Inner Space


The core technologies behind Breville products performance


Jonathan Aichele, brand user

Food Thinkers

User Scene

Breville users turn their interests in cooking into healthy lifestyles


Breville users all have their own ways of keeping their lifestyles healthy


Saehoon Park, food designer



Restaurants and cafes cooking with Breville

B’s Cut

Images of Weighty Sophistication
Capturing the solemn exquisiteness of Breville products

Brand Story

Standing at the forefront of a new food culture and lifestyle, Breville has brought about innovation in the kitchen appliance industry


Some of the diverse culinary professionals working in close collaboration with Breville


Storyboards illustrating the inspiration behind some Breville products


A chronicle of the kitchen appliance market and the effect kitchen appliances have had on lifestyles and cooking


Breville by the numbers: the kitchen appliance market and brand positioning

From the Editor in Chief

Breville’s core values defined by the Editor in Chief



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