A Family business that has been continued by its third generation, CANADA GOOSE has originally started as metro sportswear ltd in 1957 and grown to one of the leading down parka brand in the world. Under the simple cause of freeing humans from coldness, the down parka company adheres to its policy of ensuring that all products are manufactured in CANADA with Canadian-sourced materials.

Welcome to the 12th issue of B.

Fashion brands account for a significant part of the talks about brand management and marketing. Thus, many come up with fashion brands when asked to name a famous brand. I have often heard people comment that mass public finds itself struggling in illusion because of “brands” and here is my response – all attitudes toward fashion are “relative.” For some, even Uniqlo’s underwear can be a needless extravagance while for others, a Louis Vuitton bag could seem like a cliché. A strong wish for something, in fact, stems from the fundamental desire to belong to a certain group. However, when we realize the limits of differentiating ourselves from others by doing so, the vague illusion of brands shatters. In the end, I came to my own conclusion that people will show their love for brands that they can associate themselves with, turning their eyes to the basic functions of their core products and ideas of those who made them.

This issue features “Canada Goose,” a Canadian down parka brand that unleashes its enormous potential in cold weather. B selected Canada Goose long ago as a potential candidate, and frankly we are not surprised to witness the increasing interest in the brand recently.

Parkas are introduced by legions of fashion houses every winter season. Moncler, for certain, made itself stand out from its rivals by elevating parkas to the realm of fashion. Moncler indeed has reinterpreted what would conventionally have looked bulky, into something sleek and beautiful. Canada Goose’s parkas, on the other hand, look somewhat bulky, and the manufacturer seems to put its emphasis only on the core function – protection from the cold.

Paradoxically, however, such a focus has placed Canada Goose at the center of attention. This Canadian down parka company even confesses that its brand is positioned somewhere between a brand closely tied to fashion and style, Moncler, and a functional outdoor clothing brand, The North Face.

I have seen many similarities between Canada Goose and New Balance, a brand that was profiled in B’s second issue. Just as New Balance created a unique style with its focus on comfort, yet keeping product design plain, Canada Goose is establising itself by placing an emphasis on protection from cold weather while “pretending to be effortless in design.” Both of the brands introduce design ideas that clearly unveil their own philosophy by concentrating on the main function of their products. I would comment that these brands have set “right” design policies that are in line with their pursuit, rather than blindly chasing trend shifts. Such policy is commonly found in brand names that stick to their own “philosophy.”

Even though Canada Goose products are relatively more affordable than those of Moncler’s, some may still categorize the Canadian brand as a “luxury brand name.” However, I believe that even those who regard Canada Goose as a luxury brand would have a similar aspiration that this Canadian brand has. I would like to tell our readers that eventually a good brand should place more value upon the right philosophy and excellent quality over affordability.

I am convinced that Canada Goose is one such brand.

PublisherSuyoung Joh


2 Intro

Canada Goose started with the purpose of protecting people from the cold during their adventures in wildlife. This issue starts with scenes of natural landscapes in Canada, captured in the Banff National Park area.

16 Understanding

B took a close look at down parkas, not only in price, purpose of use, and material used for outershells, but also in designs that blend nicely into urban or outdoor settings, and function. In this light, one can find an extensive variety.

24 into the Market

B headed to Canada to find out more about Canada Goose. In an entirely new place, meeting entirely new people, B gained in-depth insight into the brand.

36 Inner Space

Style is normally preferred over function when it comes to fashion, but unlike this industry trend, Canada Goose introduces highly functional parka, made on a strong foundation of extensive experience and knowledge in cold protection. B took a close look at Snow Mantra, to learn more about how the down parka manufacturer has meticulously filled its flagship products with details. This section takes a glance at a line-up of Canadian parka brand’s signature products as well.

48 Canadian Culture

Numerous brands claim to represent the locality of the region they are based in, but only a handful mirror a national identity in its brand image. By taking a panoramic look at the lifestyle of Canadians, consumer price level, and Canadian-based brand names, this section provides an outline to help our readers find out more about Canada Goose, a brand that genuinely represents its namesake country.

60 Retailers

Canada Goose does not operate its own retail stores. Instead, it chooses to sell its products only via official distribution channels designated by the company. B visited a number of official distributors in Toronto that have long maintained partnerships with the brand.

72 Brand to People

B has asked a number of people who own Canada Goose parkas where they like to go with it and what items they like to take along. This section hints at the emotional relationship between item and owner.

81 B’s cut

The design policy of Canada Goose revolves around the idea of protecting its customers from cold weather. B has exposed the Canadian-made products to extreme conditions to test their mettle. A glimpse of Canadian nature can be found in the images they cast.

96 Brand Story

Canada Goose is, in fact, a family business that is being run by the third generation of the founder’s family today. B visited the brand’s headquarters in Toronto and the headquarters of Feather Industries, a goose down supplier, to get a behind-the-scenes look at the Canadian down parka manufacturer.

122 Outro

Today, people wearing Canada Goose can be spotted on every corner of the street. Leaf through the pages of this issue to get a grasp of the Canadian brand’s increasing presence.


Suyoung Joh
Editor In Chief
Taehyuck Choi
Art Director
Chiho Ghim
Deputy Editorial Director
Eunsung Park
Heather Yoo
Styling Editor
Insung Yoo
Guest Editors
Sojung Jung, Sukwoo Hong, Eunkyung Lee, Jaeyeon Yang, Eunah Kim, Yearim Kim
Jungho Lee, Jihye Jeon
Contributing Editors
Hyeyoung Lee, Nari Park(U.K), Eaji Lee(JAPAN), Sungjoo Kim(GERMANY)
Kiwoong Choi
Hyekyung Shin
Hyeryeon Lee, Sunghoon Park, Junghoon Woo, Jaehwan Jung, Byungkyu Park
Onedoe Jung
Gieun Lee, Hanwon Ryu
Text Correction
Joyce Paek, Todd Sample, Heather Yoo
Hyungjin Choi
JOH & Company
Top Process


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Canada Goose Facebook Page
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Official Website of Polar Bear International (PBI)
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