Chicken has been a popular food ingredient, as it is both affordable and highly nutritious, and is relatively easy to produce from reproduction and management. Every year, approximately 90 million tons of chicken, or about 40 billion in number,
is consumed around the world. This number exceeds the consumption of other
main food livestock like cattle, pigs, and sheep. Free from religious taboos of
certain geographical or cultural contexts, it also stands as a food item of peace that encompasses races, religions, and cultures. Chicken can be found in the iconic dishes of many cities and regions, as it is an edible symbol of universality and equality.

Baemin, the co-creator working with Magazine B to produce Magazine F, sought to tackle a wide range of challenges as a business when they launched the “Beyond Chicken” campaign. Fittingly enough, the catchphrase also encompasses the spirit behind the third issue, Chicken. Through assembling this issue, we discovered just how much of an indelible imprint this ingredient has left on the world, along with global culinary cultures.


Letter from F

The Future Farm

Iverstine Farms models the future of eco-friendly ranching in which nature and cattle harmoniously coexist

On the Street

Highly trendy chicken dishes at food festivals

Soul Food

New Orleans, USA - From a food of the slaves to a soul food—the evolution of fried chicken in New Orleans

Kingston, Jamaica - Jerk chicken, a food of freedom connected to the healing of the historical wounds in Jamaica

Delhi, India - The only permitted meat in India, a heterogeneous society where a multitude of religions and cultures intersect

Behind the Scenes

On location stories with Wookjung Lee, Korean television documentary director known best for his Food Odyssey series

Academic Manual

Interesting facts on chicken, an ingredient that has had a profound impact on culinary culture and many other domains ranging from religion and science to industrial sectors


Mark Hix - Mark Hix, owner-chef of Tramshed that is renowned for simple, yet bold and artistic cuisine

Antoine Westermann - Antoine Westermann, owner-chef of Le Coq Lico who remains humble when handling food

On the Table

Restaurants across the globe that add modern twists on traditional recipes to create distinctive flavors

F Cut

A glimpse at the symbiotic relationship between humans and chickens


Woowa Brothers CEO Bongjin Kim, developer of the association between fried chicken and delivery service that shifted the paradigm of the food delivery platform


A contest for fried chicken enthusiasts and evidence of the food’s popularity in Korea

A Korean Feast

History of Korean fried chicken that ranges from the dissemination of broilers and chimaek’s status as a national pastime to the re-exportation of chicken recipes


Books and videos recommended by chefs and experts on food culture





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Extraordinary Chickens
On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen
Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry
A Long and Messy Business
Chicken People
An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace