Prepared and processed from cacao beans, chocolate is widely used in dessert menus, thanks to its unique flavors and texture. The scope of its diversity is often compared with that of wine or coffee. About 4,000 years ago, the ancient Mayans used cacao in their beverages, and after it was introduced to Europe, it served as a luxury food for the nobles. In the 19th century, with the advancement of grinding techniques, the first solid chocolate was born, allowing it to be produced in mass quantities. The current chocolate market has witnessed a new wave formed by famous, artisanal chocolatiers offering boutique chocolate and the “bean-to-bar” trend, which started from the western United States, emphasizing raw features of the ingredient.

Of the ingredients that Magazine F has covered, chocolate is most closely associated with creative endeavors. The process of handling and adding flavor to chocolate along with the characteristics and size of a chocolate maker’s shop comprise an incredibly vast spectrum of artistry and commercial value. In this sixth issue, Magazine F introduces chocolatiers in Europe, the US, and Japan—some of whom invoke the magic of chocolate as traditional master artisans and others who inject the imagination of a designer or the experimental spirit of a rock star into their creations. Chocolate can be shaped an infinite number of ways, and its all-around malleability makes it a highly valued ingredient.


Letter from F

Bean to Bar

The story of chocolate making in the Dominican Republic, a major cacao-producing nation, and the US, the birthplace of bean-to-bar chocolate

A Guide to Chocolate

Cacao varieties, how to read chocolate labels, and other insider knowledge on the dynamic world of chocolate

9 Chocolatiers

The world’s top nine chocolatiers from master artisans to young experts discuss the meaning of chocolate and their gourmet philosophies

Academic Manual

All about chocolate, a universal dessert food that can be found in every corner of the world

Chocolate Tour in London

A pilgrimage of artisan chocolate shops in London with chocolate expert Jennifer Earle

Mass-Produced Chocolate

Household name brands and their signature products that have contributed to the popularization of chocolate

On the Table

Global hot spots for chocolate fiends where taste, flavor, and texture of chocolate is reinvented


Megan Giller - Author of Bean to Bar Chocolate shares her thoughts on the culture and future of chocolate


Independent brands selling delicately crafted chocolate, from selecting quality cacao beans to trendy packaging

F Cut

Sensational packaging that has become the face of entire brands

Guilty Pleasure

A peek into the pantries of chocolate collectors who indulge in the small pleasures of everyday life

Historic Brands

A list of well-established brands that continue to preserve tradition through the ages


Books and movies recommended by chocolatiers and chocolate experts





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Du cacao au chocolat: L’épopée d’une gourmandise
Grands singes
The True History of Chocolate
Grand Budapest Hotel
Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory
Belgian Chocolate: The Bean-To-Bar Generation