Curry is a combination of herbs, turmeric, pepper, and other spices that is enjoyed at a stew-like consistency with carbohydrates like rice and bread. Originating from India in the mid-18th century, curry quickly popularized and spread around the globe by South Asian immigrants who settled in London. Japan also played a critical role in boosting the food as a convenient home-cooked meal when the country invented curry powder. Curry has made an indelible imprint on street food, which is leading trends in mainstream culinary culture. The versatile food has been interpreted in countless ways by countless cultures to become a universal food eclipsing recipes, borders, and traditions.

Curry, a food whose patent flavors leave a lasting impression, is adapted to suit personal, national, or regional culinary cultures and preferences. Each and every curry dish is individual and unique, deviating greatly from the elitism associated with some ingredients and cuisines. Straddling the line between ingredient and finished dish, curry is an ever-popular, go-to, hearty meal with variations in even the most far flung corners of the world. In this issue, F spotlights the layers and versatility of curry, and sits down to talk to people who serve curry dishes in global urban food hubs like London, Bangkok, Tokyo, and Seoul.


Letter from F


Definition of curry

Curry Universe / Part 1

Historic : Landmark, time-honored curry houses

Transition : The versatility of curry as seen in curry shops

Academic Manual

Fascinating historical facts, common knowledge, and figures about curry


Bee Satongun : Chef Bee Satongun offers a modern interpretation of Thai traditions and history

Atul Kochhar: Chef Atul Kochhar uses spices to fuse together British and Indian traditions

F Cut

Spices, the essence of the vast gastronomic world of curry

Curry Universe / Part 2

Fine Dining : Curry, a sophisticated dish

New Wave : Curry across the cultures

F Lab

Exploration into how onions can transform curry


Shinichiro Ogawa, Yuka Torii, Yoshimichi Tanaka : CEOs of 36 Chambers of Spice, a game changer in the Japanese heatand- eat curry market

Jinsuke Mizuno : Curry expert and CEO of a spice subscription company


Ardent enthusiasts document every curry they encounter


Special shops that seek to diversity with premium products

Korean Curry

Development of the remarkable flavor and trademark color


Packaged curry products from around the world


Books recommended by curry aficionados and experts





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