Throughout history, mankind has depended on honey to add sweetness to food. Honey is created from the chemical process of breaking down the nectar that honeybees collect from flowers and plants into glucose and fructose. Like wine, honey comes in different flavors depending on flower species and environments, making it a perfect ingredient for desserts and cocktails. Also, bees are scientifically proven to helping crops to reproduce through pollination, and they are responsible for the preservation of plant resources and ecological circulation. Avocados, almonds, cucumbers, and apples are a few key fruits directly affected by the survival of bees. Now, awareness surrounding the plight of bees has sparked a wave of urban beekeeping and new discussions around locally sourced foods and environment preservation.

Honey has long been a symbol of abundance and vitality that simultaneously carries with it downcast concerns about extinction and sustainability. We are increasingly aware that the dwindling number of honeybees has a significantly negative effect on crops and ecological balance. In this issue, F takes a close look at relationships between honeybees and humans, honeybees and honey, and honeybees and flowers, as well as the delicate harmonies we can achieve through these relationships. Good food is produced and distributed by those who think long and hard about the balance of nature, and F serves as a platform for their stories.


Letter from F


The crisis of honeybees in the media

Honey Island

Pierre Carli : A traditional Corsican beekeeper rearing queen bees himself

Alain Valentini : An entrepreneur promoting Corsican honey with premium honey products and partnerships with renowned cosmetics brands

In Corsica

Art’è Gustu, a gastronomic festival focused on Corsican culinary culture

All About Bees

Facts about the ecosystem of honeybees, the most fascinating creatures in the world

Academic Manual

Stories about honey from historical events and traditional beekeeping practices to the latest trends

Urban Beekeeping

The status quo of urban beekeeping across business, welfare, and public benefits


Fabio Bragagnolo : A chef who infuses local Corsican specialties and culinary culture into classic French and Italian dishes

Michael Bartocetti: A pastry chef who creates top-quality desserts with a curious combination of ingredients

F Cut

Moments that capture symbiotic relationships between bees and honey plants


Tamara Kotevska & Ljubomir Stefanov : Co-directors of Honeyland, a documentary that raises profound questions about sustainability

Hatidze Muratova : The main cast of Honeyland, who says bees are her family and lifeline


Urban beekeepers who seek lifestyle changes and meaning through looking after bees

On the Table

An array of creative recipes showcasing the many ways honey can jazz up food


Special shops that seek to diversity with premium products


Honey and other related products consumed for a variety of purposes


Books and movies recommended by honey producers and experts





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Les Merveilles du Miel
The Beekeeper’s Lament: How One Man and Half a Billion Honey Bees Help Feed America
L’Abeille (et le) Philosophe
The Monk and the Honey Bee
The History of Bees
The Book of Bees