A global toy manufacturer, lego first started from a small Carpenter’s workshop in 1932. Its signature bricks offer unlimited building possibilities and let a wealth of creative ideas emerge through play for anyone. Behind the worldwide popularity of lego, there lies a set of meticulous calculation based on thorough knowledge in engineering.

Only a handful of brands receives more of the spotlight every holiday season – LEGO, a globally popular construction toy brand, is definitely one of them. LEGO is probably the most widely known brand name that B  has chosen to profile to date, as many from diverse age groups and cultural backgrounds associate colorful bricks with the brand name. Around the globe, the toy company's products are flying off the shelves – seven sets of blocks are sold every second. Furthermore, as many as four hundred million people claim to spend nearly fifty hours every year assembling and taking their LEGO bricks apart. Undeniably, LEGO bricks are more than just children's toys.

B has always sought a way to feature LEGO in its focus on "brands." People make many things through the act of stacking. From my own point of view, because such acts are so close to human instinct, toy bricks may have evolved with the history of humanity. In fact, LEGO was not the first to introduce toy bricks. What is remarkable about the toy brand, however, is that it has established its brand by transforming the simple idea of "stacking" into a set of standardized modules that allow easy assembly and disassembly and furthermore, acquiring technological and design patents. LEGO bricks, for certain, offer unlimited building possibilities – they help little ones develop their creativity through play while they make unique material for artistic creations or media that allow a wealth of creative ideas to emerge through architectural structures.

Looking back at the time when I was young, I can recall that I liked toys that I had to assemble very much, so much so that I remember I got my inspiration for my dreams while building plastic figurines. LEGO bricks seem to have taken the place of these figurines now. For some reason, I often find my stress relieved whenever I start stacking colorful LEGO blocks.

I believe a LEGO set makes a wonderful gift for anyone, regardless of age. Personally, I find that LEGO has a few things in common with Brompton, a folding bike manufacturer that B  has previously featured. Brompton, in fact, is not the first to come up with the idea of folding bikes, but has become an icon in the industry by introducing how to fold a bike in the most compact form. It is meaningful for a business to have a goal of building a brand that people can easily associate themselves with, no matter how small the brand may be. Such a brand can be established in any business sector – LEGO most likely had the humble goal of making toys that were safe for children to play with initially, but has since evolved into what it is today.

On New Year's Day, I can imagine that many of our readers made New Year's resolutions. Rather than making too many at once, I would like to suggest taking small steps by establishing relatively easier targets, in order to achieve change on a bigger scale, which I guess is comparable to small, colored bricks being stuck together to make something wonderful.

PublisherSuyoung Joh


2 Intro

LEGO, whose history spans eight decades, has long been faithful to the basics of bricks being assembled to make something. B  has spared some time to take a close look at people stacking one brick at a time to build the objects they envision.

32 Line Up

LEGO currently offers a vast range of products in the market. B  has delved into the vast collection of LEGO products, spanning from products for toddlers and children to sets for grown-up fans.

34 Inner Space

With some help from a passionate LEGO fan, B  found out more about each LEGO product range. This section shares some untold stories behind the products as well.

42 Test

B  has had two people from different age groups with different backgrounds take some time to assemble LEGO bricks. Surprisingly, the participants showed a stark difference in regard to time and assembly process.

52 Gallery

LEGO is one of a handful of brands loved by almost all age groups. B  contacted LEGO fans from each age group to take a look at the LEGO sets they have assembled and share the stories behind them.

64 Originality / Modularity

What stands out among LEGO’s numerous strengths and features are bricks made in standardized sizes. The toy company’s unique idea of assembly has influenced other companies in the industry to the extent that consumers can easily find some similarities in their products. Furthermore, LEGO bricks see no limits in creating variations. B  met a number of passionate LEGO fans, spanning from those who are creating a series of replicas to an artist who is unleashing a wealth of imagination.

88 Part in Space

LEGO bricks make up a significant part of the interior design in some places. B  visited those places to find out why they have chosen LEGO bricks to decorate their spaces.

96 Brand to Brand

B  has discovered what other toy brands LEGO fans favor or have preferred in the past.

109 B's Cut

A set of standards often repeats itself to set a market rule and eventually establish a brand, a process which LEGO has gone through in its history. This section is a series of photographed images of brands that show similarities with LEGO in regard to pursuit and values.

124 Brand Story

LEGO first started as a small carpentry workshop in 1932. B  shares LEGO's insight on becoming more just than a toy brand, as well as some untold stories.

152 Outro

LEGO bricks can create almost anything imaginable. Some people even claim that they can create an entire universe. Indeed, LEGO deftly mirrors people’s everyday lives.


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Jungho Lee, Jihye Jeon
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