Started in February 2011 as the male equivalent to women’s fashion e-commerce platform Net-a- Porter, Mr Porter has revolutionized the way men consume style by fusing technology and fashion, online commerce and content. By offering a shopping experience that separates itself from that of offline stores and maintaining extensive control over its branding, Mr Porter has set a new standard for the men’s e-commerce market and become a bona fide role model for industry latecomers.

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Autumn is quickly passing us by, and I can feel winter creeping onto my doorstep in the chilly mornings and evenings. I imagine many people have already started shopping for their winter threads. Some opt for department stores, some go for the boutique brands, and others head online.

Established in 2011, Mr Porter is a British online retailer for men’s fashion. It’s the men’s version of Net-a-Porter, a women’s clothing retailer
that was established in 2000 and redefined the parameters of online shopping. Net-a-Porter is a play on the French term “pret-a-porter,” which means “ready-to-wear,” combined with the word “net” — indicative of the online business model that also distinguishes Mr Porter. Only five years since its launch, Mr Porter has established a strong presence in the men’s fashion market. The brand’s influence is already comparable to that of the large-scale department stores of old as well as other reputed fashion retailers. Mr Porter has helped nurture the world of men’s fashion so that it now stands more or less equal in importance to women’s fashion, which has traditionally been more heralded.

Unlike the standard online shops, which focus on offering competitive prices, Mr Porter concentrates on luxury brands. As you can’t physically confirm elements such as size or texture online, luxury fashion has had limited appeal to online consumers. Mr Porter, however, has collaborated with some of the world’s most prestigious brands to offer limited-edition products and make them available exclusively on its site. Furthermore, the brand has diversified by incorporating street brands and products from upcoming designers into its collections, indicative of a broad perspective and unique approach to the industry.

Both Net-a-Porter and Mr Porter were founded by Natalie Massenet, a former fashion journalist and editor who, from the very start, equipped Mr Porter with an expert editorial staff and a team of buyers who specialize in men’s fashion and collaborate with each other to form the ideal synergy. For instance, certain members of the content production, marketing and buying teams attend major fashion shows together and plan upcoming projects. When they encounter a sought-after product or designer, they write articles that encourage readers to purchase the item in question — for example, they might suggest five ways to wear it. According to company insiders, supervisors never command their writers to blindly promote items. Content must always be relevant to their customers’ tastes and sensibilities.

Upon launching Mr Porter, Natalie Massenet delivered a prediction: “I am sure, in the next five years, this is what is going to happen everywhere. Media companies are going to become retailers and retailers are going to become media companies. It’s inevitable.”

Almost everyone agrees that good content is important. The word “content” is used endlessly among people trying to build a brand. Once
a brand gets past the launch stage, however, content tends to take a back seat. Mr Porter has demonstrated what a healthy balance between retail and content looks like, and offers a reference point for what businesses in all industries should strive to achieve. Instead of chasing trends, Mr Porter has created its own style, as they claim to be “the destination” for men’s style.

Taehyuk Choi, Editor-in-Chief


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