RAY-BAN is an eyewear brand that has began its public sale in 1937, with its origin in creation of protective eyewear for us air force pilots by an american lens manufacturer BAUSCH & LOMB. The eyewear brand has pushed its boundaries from protective eyewear for pilots and further to fashion items with functionality. RAY-BAN has transformed itself a cultural icon that embraces all generations, genders and social classes, making its influence over politics, film and music industries and many other cultural sectors. RAY- BAN has been acquired by LUXXOTICA group in 1999, and is celebrating its seventy fifth anniversary this year. Never just a transient trend, the american-born eyewear brand continues to evolve into an icon of “modern classic.”

B presents its eighth issue.

I've even into bags for a long time. They com in a variety of sorts, depending on the purpose. Some are for storage, such as briefcases and travel bags, while others are meant more for a fashion statement. Then these bags are categorized by, for example, colors and materials, they are offered in countless number of varieties. Such a vastness in choice is in-deed one of the unique properties of bags, as they serve a functional purpose in storing things as well as a fashion purpose. This probably explains why celebrities make their appearance in front of the public with their favorite bags.

Thus, I have always looked for a bag that not only serve a very basic function but also complement me fashion wise. With the release of this issue, JOH & Company would like to announce that it has recently released a new bag called Ed Bag. Before its official release, we decided to introduce its Black Edition for subscribers of this magazine. The Black Edition is scheduled to be shipped to subscribers of our magazine.

For this issue, B features a well-known eyewear brand named Ray-Ban, which got its start with the U.S. Air Force after commissioning Bausch & Lomb to create protective eyewear for pilots. Even today, Ray-Ban has some of the best quality lenses. I personally believe that sunglasses share many things in common with bags - they not only function as a protective item for the eyes, but also make an indispensable fashion item. Most sunglasses are made with quality lenses in a number of designs these days. They come in a variety of shapes and styles. While the market it full of different eyewear , Ray-Ban is positioning itself as a brand name that is popular yet unique. At the same time, they have a particular function and style all their own.

Ray-Ban originally had its start by marking protective eyewear for a certain occupational group. However, with the introduction of Wayfarer and numerous other product lines, the eyewear brand has blended American pop culture into its products. The media has captured lieutenants on the front lines, politicians, in front of the public, and stars on the stage wearing Ray-Ban products, These images have stayed with people, making Ray-Ban and iconic product. This iconic brand name eventually dubbed the "Ray-Ban style," helps create style for anyone of any social status, whether for older people,  youngsters submerged in hip-hop, truck drivers, fashion models, business people and even rock musicians.

Ray-Ban is popular with people of diverse social classes largely because it has established its brand image as "sunglasses with quality lenses, with the tiny brand logo on the conner of one of the lenses whenever I spot a pair.

The start of a good brand name can be small and simple. When one comes up with what is perceived as "essential" for someone with uniqueness and keeps up with the good works, an outstanding brand name like Ray-Ban can pop up - and just as quickly as an idea flashed into a lieutenant's mind to make a pair of protective eyewear for aviators.

PublisherSuyoung Joh


01:02 INTRO

Ray-Ban sunglasses were first made to protect pilots’ eyes by shielding them from the sun’s harmful rays. With the original idea of the eyewear brand in mind, B has adorned its intro section with dazzling scenes found in everyday life.


There are countless brand names that have made sunglasses, especially when compared with other items these same names have produced. This section has made space to have a look at what eyewear brands and designer brands are available on the market right now.


Lenses are a significant part in making sunglasses. Thus, they are not likely to have many differences in design. Nevertheless, they can be categorized into several categories by the shape of the frame.

06:28 INTERVIEW 01

These interviewees are members of a Korean rock band called Crying Nut. These musicians comment that when seeing a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, they often associate them with rock fans watching a concert with Doc Marten boots on, sipping their Guinness beer.


B takes a brief look at the entire product range of Ray-Ban other than eyewear.


Of all the Ray-Ban eyewear products, the Aviators hold a pivotal position. This section takes a closer look at the details in design, functions and accessories.

12:44 INTERVIEW 02

This couple remembers their parents wearing Ray-Bans, recalling how cool they looked even in the eyes of little children.


This section takes a look at how Ray-Ban’s signature models have changed through the years.


Ray-Ban has made an indelible mark on the eyewear industry through its unmistakable design. Its eyewear products seem to show little change, but its classic models clearly display that these products have their own unique frame design.

15:55 INTERVIEW 03

A father of a twenty-two-month-old daughter talks about how sunglasses are instrumental in closely interacting with his child.


One thing to note about Ray-Ban is that the eyewear brand has no specific target customers. The editors of this magazine met some of those very people who sport Ray-Ban sunglasses regardless of age, gender or occupation. The interviewee volunteered to answer what Ray-Ban sunglasses mean to them.


Ray-Ban’s brand image has its own unique aspects as well. One of them is that the glasses are loved by people from all walks of life.

18:84 INTERVIEW 04

A former PR manager for a fashion brand comments that even though she knows Ray-Ban initially made sunglasses for pilots, she has not chosen the brand because of its original function.

20:92 INTERVIEW 05

This celebrity photographer based in Korea talks about the story behind Ray-Ban sunglasses, the same ones that their wearers have witnessed political scenes and smoldering strife – and even found someone to fall in love with.

22:101 B’S CUT

Ray-Ban has created its unique style by embracing the culture of the time. It has since come to leave an indelible mark on society as a cultural icon. This section took a look at how Ray-Ban has made its presence known in each successive era.


Ray-Ban got its start with protective eyewear for pilots made by the lens manufacturing company Bausch & Lomb. The magazine takes a closer look at how that story developed.

24:142 OUTRO

Everyone at B magazine hopes that this issue paves the way for readers to take a closer look at the brand message of Ray-Ban.


Suyoung Joh
Editor In Chief
Taehyuck Choi
Deputy Editorial Director
Eunsung Park
Guest Editors
Donhee Yoon, Eunah Kim, Hyun Son, Jaeyeon Yang, Sojung Jung
Contributing Editors
Hyeyoung Lee, Nari Park(U.K), Eaji Lee(JAPAN), Sungjoo Kim(GERMANY)
Art Director
Chiho Ghim
Hyekyung Shin
Junghoon Han, Woojin Park, Rama, Juyeon Lee, Jaehwan Jung, Inchul Hwang, Sungyoung Park
Onedoe Jung
Gieun Lee
Text Correction
Jeong-ah Han, Mikyung Oh
Hyungjin Choi
JOH & Company
Top Process
Paper Supplying


Ray-Ban’s official website
Ray-Ban Facebook page
All About Ray-Ban(ワニムックシリ-ズ 113)

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