Started 600 years ago in a small Italian town near the Dolomites, San Pellegrino pioneered the concept of “dining water” when they infused natural carbonation in mineral water collected from a local spring and bottled it. Since then, the brand has pursued consistent, sophisticated marketing that has made it an icon of high-end dining and made the leap to introduce sparkling fruit-flavored beverages to the carbonated water market.

Welcome to the 40th issue of B.

I was offered an opportunity to participate in the School of Life in Seoul as a guest lecturer. The School of Life was first started in London by one of my favorite writers, Alain de Botton, and it addresses a wide range of subjects: how to balance work and life; how to manage your personal finances; how to spend time alone without feeling lonely. In that small school, the students and teachers explore what it means to have a fulfilling life—something that conventional schools have never bothered to teach. There is no such a thing as a correct answer. All the participants share their thoughts and debate life, which is very meaningful in and of itself.

Working with other British instructors for a few days, I prepared my lecture and had the opportunity to reflect on myself. This helped me kick some of my habits and completely change some of my ways of thinking on things that I had learned and blindly adhered to. I looked back on the things that I had done and reached some conclusions on the things I should keep pursuing, and the things I should quit or approach differently. I hope this session of School of Life will provide other participants with the same opportunity to think deeply about themselves and about life.

Many of the brands featured by B demonstrate an outstanding ability to strike a balance between preservation and change. For example, the Japanese bag brand Porter has stuck with the materials and forms it has always used, but it adds style to its products through open collaborations. Likewise, Rimowa has preserved the elements that make it classic, while still trying new ideas.

This issue features the Italian mineral water brand San Pellegrino. San Pellegrino got started in 1899 as a local brand infusing natural carbonation into mineral water that was then bottled and sold. Now, it has grown to become a globally-loved water brand. The iconic label on the classic green bottle represents the timeless uniqueness of the brand. San Pellegrino resists the temptation to stay in the past and continuously pursues insights from diverse partners, making it one of the world’s most stylish brands.

Publishing the 40th issue of B, I thought about the things JOH and B should never give up, and the things they should change. This sort of reflection is the most valuable lesson I’ve learned
from my time publishing B.

PublisherSuyong Joh


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Carbonated beverages categorized by carbonation level, flavor, and volume


Evan Kim, buyer for the Processed Foods at Shinsegae Department Store


San Pellegrino images collected from Instagram


Sparkling beverage brands rivals with San Pellegrino


Drinks mixed with San Pellegrino sold on the market

Italian Sparkling Water

San Pellegrino in local restaurants in Italy


Bumsuk Choi, fashion designer


San Pellegrino bottles embody the brand’s originality

Brand to Brand

Other items brightening up the ambience of the table


Santino Sortino, Italian chef


Chefs’ picks for enhancing the taste of food and elevating the dining experience

B’s Cut

Italian Cuisine

Discovering harmony within food

Brand Story

The story of San Pellegrino, the first bottler of sparkling water, and the invention of high-end dining water


San Pellegrino sponsors the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, also known as the “Gastronomic Oscars”


Top sommelier recommendations for special pairings of San Pellegrino and wines


The diversification of San Pellegrino’s portfolio after its acquisition by Nestlé


Interviews at San Pellegrino’s headquarters, from the brand’s values and spirit to its plans for the future


The global sparking water market and brand shares


San Pellegrino’s production and management by numbers

From the Editor in Chief

San Pellegrino’s core values defined by the Editor in Chief



Suyong Joh

Editor In Chief
Taehyuk Choi

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Eunsung Park

Bora Nam

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Hyunkyung Yoo, Rancy Kim, Seongae Yang, Soonok Hwang

Copy Editing
Eugene Larsen-Hallok

Sarah Kessler Jang

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Tony Song

Mihye Nam (Tokyo), Nari Park (London), Jungho Lee (New York), Jeewon Lim (Milan), Hyeseon Jeong (Paris)

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