No.45 L’Occitane

ISBN 978-89-98415-92-1 03050

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Size & Page 170 x 240 mm , 128 pages
Language English
Date of Publication 2016


The history of L’Occitane dates back to 1976 in the vibrant city of Marseille, wherein the young Olivier Baussan began producing soaps that were inspired by folk medicine from the French Provence. Under Baussan’s vision, the company continued to flourish by offering high-quality beauty products concocted with essential oils extracted from the verdant fields of Provence. L’Occitane has always believed in speaking the language of the land, as well as that of the farmers, and is putting its beliefs into practice by releasing products in tandem with the harvesting season of each ingredient and defending the skills and well-being of its farmers.