USD 81
$18.00 per issue (once every 2-3 months)

From 2021, Magazine B will annually publish 5 bound issues instead of 8 single and 2 bound issues (total 10) and will have a single price at $18 for all the issues. So the annual subscription fee will be reduced to $81 (10% off) including a total of 5 issues. But readers with active one- or two-year subscriptions will still receive a total of 11 or 21 issues, respectively. Currently, our editors and local correspondents are working hard to get the 86th issue out on time for the anticipated March 2021 release. For more information, please contact

A 10 % discount is applied to annual subscription, which allows you to receive 5 issues of B at a total of $81. Shipping cost for annual subscription will be charged additionally at a time. Please keep this in mind when you are paying online.

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