Originating from South America, tomatoes are one of the most produced vegetables in the world along with onions, cucumbers, and cabbages. There are over 25,000 species of tomatoes distributed throughout the globe, and they can be used in as many dishes in varied ways as there are varieties. With their unique savory flavor, tomatoes created distinctive food cultures across many regions, particularly in Spain and Italy. They also serve as the origin, essence, and symbol of Mediterranean cooking as they play a critical role in pizza, pasta, and gazpacho. On the other hand, they are widely used in mass-produced processed foods like ketchup and have become an important popular food with a potential to lead food culture into the future.

In summer 2018, it seemed that the record-breaking scorching temperatures would never come to an end. At last the heat wave broke for good, the high sky and the cool autumn breeze ushered in the fall, and everyone was reminded that nature has been perfecting this cycle for billions of years. Without a doubt, the ingredients covered by Magazine F and their flavorful stories are products of these laws of nature. The tomato is the first vegetable to appear in F, and it is by far the closest ingredient to nature thus far, produced traditionally with nothing more than fertile soil and bright sunshine.


Letter from F

The Land of Mediterranean

Farm Sapori Vesuviani protects an heirloom plant via a natural circulation farming technique and traditional storage methods

A Guide to Tomatoes

Database of characteristics and flavors of various tomato varieties

Processed Tomatoes

Gustarosso by Dani Coop - A processed tomato brand in Campania, Italy that boasts over a century of history

Wilkin & Sons Tiptree - A UK-based brand famous for its ketchups with flavors of fresh ingredients and increased shelf life

Academic Manual

A selection of facts about the tomato, which has become an indicator to track culinary trends thanks to its use around the world, anecdotes, and its role in science

F Lab

Research conducted in different countries that demonstrates the endless potential of the tomato


Ernesto Iaccarino - Owner-Chef Ernesto Iaccarino oversees a farm-to-table system in his restaurant Don Alfonso 1890

Gennaro Esposito - Gennaro Esposito, owner-chef of Torre del Saracino, presents seasonal and nature-inspired dishes

On the Table

Creative tomato-based dishes from around the world, ranging from sauces to entrées

F Cut

Observe the unadulterated shapes, colors, and cross sections of crushed or sliced tomatoes


Woowa Brothers CEO Bongjin Kim, developer of the association between fried chicken and delivery service that shifted the paradigm of the food delivery platform


Sophien Kamoun, fellow of the Royal Society and pioneer of gene editing technology for plants

User Scene

A peek into the daily lives of tomato lovers in their own ways


New trends reflected in organic grocery stores in major cities around the world


Types and brands of tomato sauces and ketchups on market shelves


Books and videos recommended by chefs and experts on food culture





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