Vinegar is a fermented substance created when acetic acid bacteria transforms ethanol into acetic acid. A powerful flavor enhancer, vinegar complements the natural tastes of ingredients and creates endless savory variations. It is so versatile that acclaimed fine-dining chefs are often tempted to create their very own vinegars. All it requires is water, some air, acetic acid bacteria, and any ingredients of the maker’s choice. Traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy and rice vinegar from Asia are two iconic varieties of the seasoning liquid. Now, with the rapid growth of the homemade vinegar market, we can more easily discover unique vinegar-based products that reveal the creator’s unique tastes with additions like maple syrup, rose petals, or fruits such as tangerines and plums. Vinegar has secured a firm place in the world of gastronomy, and continues to brighten tables across the world with splashes of acidic flavors.

Vinegar is one of the most omnipresent food ingredients, but it’s all too frequently undervalued as a product. Though it appears in myriad recipes, the precise chemical reaction or specific role it plays in a dish remains rather mysterious to many. While it’s true that vinegar is not a palatable show stopper on its own, an endless line of fascinating concoctions can be created with just a dash of it added to different foods. A chef once said that vinegar creates complex and surprisingly pleasant flavors. Through a close examination of this unsung ingredient and exploration into its critical role reveals that vinegar not only expands the food world, but also the creative world.


Editor’s Letter


Global media coverage on vinegar related issues

Into the Origin

Exploring Modena and Reggio Emilia, home of the only true traditional balsamic vinegar consortia


Massimo Bottura : This master of Italian cuisine says balsamic vinegar is a perfect food and tradition that runs in his blood

Laura Galli Morandi : Dedicating herself to restoring and revamping traditional Modena dishes, this leading chef uses balsamic vinegar in every dish

Academic Manual

Everything about vinegar from historical facts and factoids to brands reflecting the latest market trends

Crafts of Vinegar

Independent brands and their experimental endeavors that push the envelope of traditional vinegar crafting

F Lab

Vinegar crafting, a new trend in home brewing

With Minis

Classic Mini lovers encountered in London


Konstantin Filippou : Meet a star chef rising in the Austrian culinary scene, acclaimed for his fierce dedication and research

Heinz Reitbauer : Talking with one iconic master chef of the famously diverse Viennese cuisine

F Cut

The infinite potential of natural ingredients as seen through the colors of vinegar

On the Table

Gastronomic scenes where vinegar boosts conviviality to a dish


Vinegar book authors and experts share tips on how to use vinegar


Erwin Gegenbauer : The king of vinegar forecasts the future of the industry


Introducing vinegar shops worldwide offering everything from traditional to craft vinegar products


A list of popular vinegars today


Books and movies recommended by vinegar makers and experts





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